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Would you 'Adam and Eve It', nickprints 'as only gone and created a monster print about Cockney Rhyming Slang. It's taken him 'donkeys' to create but it's finally here and no mistake. And another thing, it's even got the River Thames included!

Hundreds of old and new expressions from 'Dog and Bone' (phone) to 'Billie Pipers' (windscreen wipers), its a highly original visual A-Z of Rhyming Slang. Absolutely not to be taken too seriously, it's an ideal present for anyone who has a place in their heart for all things London and especially its unique way with words.

Comes with a complimentary A3 sheet crammed with details and example usage of all the Slang expressions and icons shown on the print.


Cost does not include Postage + Packaging (see Shipping Info)

Cockney Rhyming Slang print

  • SIZE (width x height): 40cm x 50cm. Fits standard size frames available in most high street shops.
    COLOUR: Red on White
    PAPER STOCK: Printed on high quality, 'brilliant white' recycled paper. 

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