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‘Electric 80’s’ is a celebration of all things Eighties – a graphic montage of music, fashion, film & TV, fads & crazes, games and technology. A truly eclectic mix of subject matter, ‘Electric 80s’ features references that will bring memories flooding back. Pacman kicked off the decade followed by crazes like the Rubik’s Cube, events like Live Aid, the fashion excesses of the New Romantics and technological milestones such as the Video recorder and the arrival of games consoles. Jam packed with diverse visual references from one of the most visual and iconic decades ever!

An ideal gift for anyone who lived through the eighties and holds a special place for it in their hearts… or for anyone who just loves cultural ‘pop art’.


Cost does not include Postage + Packaging (see Shipping Info).

Electric 80s

  • SIZE (width x height): 50cm x 70cm. Fits standard size frames available in most high street shops.
    COLOUR: Black on Yellow.
    PAPER STOCK: Printed on high quality, 'brilliant white' recycled paper. 

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